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Building a strong foundation: Intermediate traders’ guide to listed options trading

For intermediate traders looking to elevate their trading journey and explore more sophisticated investment strategies, listed options provide an excellent avenue for growth. Options trading can appear intricate initially, but with the proper knowledge and approach, intermediate traders can build a solid foundation to navigate this dynamic market successfully. 

This guide will explore the essential elements of listed options trading, equipping intermediate traders with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in this exciting realm of finance.

Understanding the mechanics of listed options

Before diving into options trading with a reputable institution such as Saxo, intermediate traders must grasp the mechanics of listed options. Listed options are financial derivatives that grant the holder the choice, but not the constraint, to buy or resell an underlying asset at a set price within a specific time frame. The underlying asset can be a stock, index, Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF), or others.

A crucial aspect of options trading revolves around option premiums. These premiums signify an option’s price and consist of intrinsic and extrinsic value. Intrinsic value is determined by the disparity between the underlying asset’s current price and the option’s strike price. When an option is “in-the-money” (ITM), it holds intrinsic value.

On the other hand, extrinsic value, also known as time value, reflects the potential for an option to gain value before expiration. This value is influenced by several factors, including the remaining time until expiration, implied volatility, and prevailing market conditions. By considering these factors, traders can evaluate the potential for an option to appreciate.

Options strategies for intermediate traders

Here are some of the common options strategies that intermediate traders employ: 

Covered call: The covered call strategy is a popular starting point for intermediate traders in options trading. It involves holding a long position in an asset and selling a call option against that asset. The call option premium provides additional income, and if the option is exercised, the trader sells the asset at the predetermined strike price. This strategy is ideal for neutral traders to mildly bullish on the underlying asset’s price.

Protective put: The protective put strategy acts as insurance for intermediate traders who hold a long position in an asset. By purchasing a put option, traders can protect themselves from significant downside risk. If the asset’s price declines, the put option gains value, offsetting the losses on the underlying asset.

Bull call spread: The bull call spread strategy is a directional play for moderately bullish traders on an asset. It involves buying a call option at a lower strike price and selling one at a higher strike price. The goal is to profit from the price increase in the underlying asset while simultaneously reducing the trade cost by selling the higher strike call.

Bear put spread: Conversely, the bear put spread strategy suits traders with a moderately bearish outlook on an asset. It involves buying a put option at a higher strike price and selling it at a lower strike price. The strategy aims to profit from a decline in the underlying asset’s price while minimising the upfront cost of the trade.

Risk management in options trading

As with any form of trading, risk management is paramount in options trading. Intermediate traders must implement prudent risk management strategies to protect their capital and avoid significant losses.

Define risk tolerance: Intermediate traders should establish risk tolerance before entering any options trade. Understanding the maximum acceptable loss on a trade allows traders to set appropriate position sizes and avoid overexposure to risk.

Utilise stop loss orders: Implementing stop loss orders is a crucial risk management tool. A stop-loss order triggers the automatic sale of an option when its price reaches a specified level. With stop-loss orders, traders can limit potential losses and protect their capital from sharp market movements.

Diversify options portfolio: Diversification is another critical element of risk management. Spreading options positions across various industries, assets, and expiration dates can help reduce the impact of adverse market events on the overall portfolio.

At the end of the day

Options trading constantly evolves, and staying updated with market trends, economic indicators, and global events is essential for intermediate traders. Engaging in continuous learning through reputable financial resources, attending webinars, and participating in trading communities can provide valuable insights and fresh perspectives. Intermediate traders should also keep a trading journal to document their trades, analyse past performance, and identify areas for improvement.

Building a solid foundation in listed options trading is essential for intermediate traders seeking to elevate their trading skills and explore more sophisticated investment strategies. By understanding the mechanics of listed options, exploring various strategies, and implementing effective risk management techniques, intermediate traders can position themselves for success in this dynamic and rewarding market. As they gain experience and refine their trading approach, intermediate traders can harness the full potential of listed options to achieve their financial goals and elevate their trading journey to new heights.

Why Should One Invest In UVXY Stock?

Once you decide to invest your money in ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETF, then you have to consider things about uvxy stock price and gather complete details regarding the value of a company. In the stock market, there are wide ranges of stock options available for investors to buy right now. ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETF was not one of them. Because uvxy stock price is better when compared to other stock prices in the market. Let’s take a look at uvxy stock briefly in the upcoming session that will help you a lot in many ways.

Buy UVXY stock today!

The major investment objective of the ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term ETF is to look for results that are related to one and one-half times the performance of the S&P VIX Short-Term futures index for each day. Before going to spend your money on uvxy stock, you must know the uvxy stock price, which is essential to invest in the right time. Recently, many investors were impressed with ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETF because returns of UVXY should broaden their charts to view that is consistently declining in value through time.

Utilize the tools of fundamental and technical analysis to know further

In the fundamental analysis, you can bale to judge the value of a company and look at the stock by analyzing the company’s financial performance and see the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow details. These reports from them can be used to compare the various companies easily. Keep an eye on other fundamental factors such as revenue and profit margins that may be useful indicators. You’ll get a clear idea when you compare with similar companies. Depending on your strategy, you will be interested in stocks that rank high or low. Technical analysis is used to evaluate stocks by tracking trends and movements of the stock’s price. These two factors will help you to start selecting stocks.

Final thoughts

According to the recent study, experts said the ProShares Ultra VIX short-term futures fund is an excellent long-term investment for every potential investor. If you’re looking for funds with good return, then it’s time to consider Proshares Ultra VIX short-term futures to be a profitable investment option. The only thing you have to do is monitor the uvxy stock price constantly to attain many advantages. Once you invested in UVXY stock, then you can expect more revenue and profit that you never imagine in practical. You can check more stocks like NYSEARCA: SLV before stock trading.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

Why technology is important in operating business?

Technology is accelerating its abilities to assist the business to achieve more excellence. Artificial intelligence, big data, forex (online currency trading), internet of things are some technical aspects that are working together to decrease the time of product ideas and increase the time of product creation.  No matter what is the size of your business it will help you to grow and provide better results as per the requirement of your customer.  It has both tangible and intangible effects on your business however it surely will help your business to grow in a positive direction.

This article will guide you about the importance of technological processes in the business world moreover, how these modern technical aspects in improving business globally.

The efficiency of the job:

Technology also helps the business to understand that cash flow is an important aspect in the growth of any business and for this reason preservation of resources like physical space and time is needed. Business owners can save plenty of their time by using updated software systems to escalate their business operations moreover, many businesses is nowadays running without proper building and traditional working spaces. They are dealing with customers and vendors online to save the cost of being used for physical space. The efficiency of doing work can be increased in this manner.


Most businesses in today’s era are subjected to security threats. To keep their designs save from their competitors is an important aspect in the growth of any business. Security systems help the business to secure their business delegations ideas and strategies by just putting a password on their desktop laptop and other gadgets that they utilizing in the for keeping record and potential ideas.

Digital currency trading:

Online currency trading channels are playing their part in the growth of business globally. Trading indicators like Aroon trading strategy are used to identify trend changes in the prices of an asset moreover; it provides an analysis parameter that can help to observe the direction of business growth.

Communication with the customer:

Communication is the key to success in the business world. Strong communication with the clients results in better strong relations and loyalty of your customer. Technological progress has done great work in improving communication glitches over the past few decades now it is now being easy and handy to resolve the queries of customers anytime and from anywhere only the place should have internet success. Emails also make it convenient to take feedbacks from the customer for future improvements.


Starting and running a business has never been easy from finding the competent team, to make your irreplaceable place in the market, and to find your potential audience these all are the aspects which make any business success, however, technology has changed the game of doing business around the world. It has a vital role in the development of your business in a competitive market. The importance of technology cannot be denied in this era of information technology.

Renaud Laplanche On What Can Make Credit Cards Problematic

Renaud Laplanche is an entrepreneur who has launched a couple of very successful financial technology companies during his career. Therefore, he has a great deal of knowledge about matters that are directly related to personal finance. He has some informed perspectives about credit cards and how they have damaged society. He believes that they do much more harm than good. Here are a few of the main reasons why Renaud believes that people should not use credit cards under any circumstances.

First of all, Renaud Laplanche points out that there is a never ending cycle of debt. This is because the interest that is accrued every month makes it almost impossible for people to eventually start to pay down the amount they owe. There are many people who only pay the minimum amount each month. This will obviously get them nowhere fast. This is exactly the way the credit card companies want it. They do not want people to pay off their credit cards every month. If people did that, the companies would go out of business. The companies rely on people not paying off their monthly balance for their own survival. These companies live on the interest that people need to pay when they are not able to totally pay off their balance.

According to Renaud Laplanche, the rates that many credit card companies charge are very high. The amount of interest that you need to pay on a credit card is directly related to your credit score. People who have bad credit are going to be charged the most interest. In many cases, this interest rate is more than 25 percent every month. The credit card companies will also give people a very low minimum payment that they will need to make every month. This will keep the balance growing by a considerable amount if they only pay the minimum amount due.

Interest is not the only problem that credit card users need to deal with. They also must pay very high fees for a variety of variety of things that are associated with using the credit card. Renaud Laplanche feels that these fees make it very hard for people to afford using their card. For example, there are many credit cards that charge an annual fee. There are also fees charged for transferring a balance from one credit card to another. The fee that you pay will be a percentage of the amount transferred. Obviously, people who frequently fail to pay the minimum payment will be forced to pay a late fee on top of what they already owe.

Renaud Laplanche says that one of the biggest problems that is created by credit cards is the negative impact they can have on your credit score. Not paying your minimum balance gets reported to the all of the bureaus that monitor your credit activity. Having very large balances on your credit cards with a small amount of available credit will also drag down your credit score. Having too many cards is also a problem.

How close are the banks in implementation of XRP?

The trend of using crypto currencies has been on the rise since 2017. At that time, Bitcoin became a hot trend in the market. XRP is also another virtual currency based on Ripple platform introduced in the year 2012. People using it, are of the opinion that it is an alternative to SWIFT technology, which was used by banks for international money transfer. But XRP is much cheaper than SWIFT and the settlement time are fast and on the same day. The popularity of XRP is going up at such a faster rate that in 2019, it was the second most used crypto currency after Bitcoin in the world.

Now the question that is going the rounds is that are banks open to use XRP for their overseas settlement purpose. If anybody wants to make any payment in the emerging market, the process needs involvement of multiple traders of currency plus there has to be local currency accounts which are pre-funded. With the help of XRP, these payments can be done without the involvement of any intermediaries.

Initially many banks and money transfer companies were reluctant to accept XRP and Ripple platform. But now slowly, the picture is changing. At present around 4 banks have accepted XRP and around 70 to 75 money transfer companies are also widely using this technology for money transfer in the international market. Some of these include Moneygram, Cuallix, SBI Securities and IDT. There are many more in the list which include Euro Exim Bank, SendFriend, InstaRem and more. With their operations of only four years, market cap if XRP now stands at $1 B.

An unbiased Neuer capital review feels that the entire process is at an experimental level in many banks. Sources close to the banks have confirmed that technical department of different banks are carrying on the experiment for last few months. In most cases, the bank management is finding it quite satisfactory, but they are not certain when they will start implementing the process of XRP in their system. They are also of the opinion that the cost of transferring other assets through XRP is much cheaper and at the same time, faster than the SWIFT mode.

Another barrier in the implementation of XRP is that in many countries the banking regulations are not much favourable. Of late, European Union has passed some regulations on the use of crypto currency in banking system. Government is worried about the money laundering of the money transfer companies using XRP. Once those things are streamlined, the Governments may make the laws easier to pass and it will also be easy for the banks to implement XRP on a larger scale. During the last few years, the concept is changing and the crypto currencies are getting more accepted on a larger scale. Hence trading in crypto currencies is also increasing and the volume has increased by many times. With the fast changing scenario and the rising cost in banking, time is not far away when the XRP coin will be used in all major banks of the world.

5 Ways Property Finance Can Help Your Company

Property finance is typically offered as a type of commercial mortgage,  a type a loan that is acquired for commercial properties and purposes. Usually, the proceeds that are gotten from the loan will then be used to acquire, develop or refinance a commercial property. Property finance generally attends to the needs of business owners who are looking into investing in a property for their business. With a property finance, you as a company owner can get funds to buy business premises, expand your business premises, redevelop your business premises and make commercial investments.

Typically, the repayment period for a property finance plan lasts for 10years. In some instances, a commercial mortgage can last for 30years. Some lenders render bridge financing , which is usually a short form of commercial mortgage that can be used for emergency funding of the company. There are different ways your company can benefit from property finance. Below is our compilation of five ways property finance can help your company:

  • A commercial mortgage typically offers you lower interest rates  and lower monthly payment options. This means that you enjoy more flexibility than if you decide to take up other unsecured loans to fund your business. Lower interest rates with a fixed payment period helps you understand what the total cost of your debt would be. Lower monthly payment options that can be fixed for you, helps you enjoy flexibility that allows you to effectively plan your finances accordingly. This means that you get to grow your company with a loan that is cheaper to handle than an unsecured loan.
  • Provided you are able to convince your lender into agreeing, you can earn more money by subletting part(s) of your premises to other businesses. Also through property finance, you get to enjoy a better management of your cash flow. All in all, pretty finance loans are easier and cheaper to manage, and you do not need to make a dent on your company’s revenue to pay back your debt. This means that your cash flow doesn’t ridiculously affected and you can earn more cash to pay up your debt by subletting your premises to other businesses. You have to ensure that the provider you work with concedes with the arrangement before you venture into it.
  • With a commercial mortgage, you can be reset assured of a steady work planning environment because property finance is not subject to fluctuations that occur in rents. Having a fixed payment option for your business property will give you a sense of stability that aids the planning of your company’s production activities. You do not have to worry about rental fluctuations and this would help you achieve a stabilized planning technique that would help your company grow.
  • Commercial mortgage interest payments are generally tax deductible,  meaning that payments can be made from whatever taxable income you earn in your company. This can help to reduce your company’s annual tax overhead. You get to enjoy having to pay less on taxes and have enough profits from whatever revenue you earn in your company.
  • You can make and gain substantial capital gains  when you decide to get a commercial mortgage to invest in a commercial property. Typically, the prices of properties increase over the years and this way, you get to enjoy capital growth over a long, fixed term.

All in all, property finance helps you with the growth of your company in everything related to it. Having to not worry about making continuous monthly payments will help you focus on doing all there is to ensure the growth of your company. You get to save more money that can be used to increase your workforce, get new machineries and tools, takeover or merge and acquire other business ventures that can ensure growth, etc. All these would be focused on increasing your company’s growth and revenue.

Things To Consider Before Taking Up A Commercial Mortgage

As much as property finance can help your company, you need to understand that certain things can make it the detriment of your business too. Property finance has its own shortcomings  and you need to make sure that you understand what it entails before you take up the loan. Some things to consider are:

  • Access your finances and find out if you are capable of making your monthly payments. Typically, the lender would want to know if you can make payments before they would give you the loan. You need to access your finances to understand your capability. Since you’re the proper of your business might be the collateral for the loan, you need to evaluate how much revenue your business provides or is likely to provide.
  • What type of building you are looking to purchase, rent or construct and what your business is for. These two things are typically major determinants in a lender’s decision to give out a commercial mortgage. When the business is used as collateral, the lender is typically the owner of the deed title of the business premises and can sell it if the borrower is unable to pay up the debt. If the building is a special purpose building, it might be hard to sell it off and this could mean a loss.
  • Compare deals from different lenders to determine what is best for you. Approach different lenders and find out what taking a loan from each one’ would mean. How much interest rates would you need to pay, how flexible your monthly payment options would be and how long the term would last for.
  • Evaluate your cash flow and how often it changes. How often does it change and how drastic the changes that have occurred have been. You wouldn’t want to be worrying about making payments monthly while struggling to cover other costs that are involved in the running of your business. Ensure that you understand your cash flow before you take up more financial commitments.
  • You have to consider how detailed and informed your business plan is. Most lenders want to have adequate information on the business before they would be willing to part with a large amount of money in commercial mortgage. Ensure that you have detailed and sufficient details on your business, its services and plans before applying for a loan.

Your decision to venture into property finance can be a financial decision that would be capable to be the starting point of your company. Understanding completely what it takes to venture into property finance is the only way to really enjoy the benefits that come with the plan.

Cryptocurrency News From Around The World

All the traders who wish to make money trading the cryptocurrency should have some principles and practices at place. For instance, reading the latest Cryptocurrency news they will get the answers why the exchange rate of the digital currencies fluctuates every passing minute. They can become professionals when they know everything in detail. Needless to say Cryptocurrency news also inform and educate you how does it come into being and what about its circulation as well as who are the major players in the entire digital currency ecosystem that is influencing the exchange rates. Additionally, Cryptocurrency news is all about updating yourself with the latest events and policy changes taking place around the world. Here it is important to understand that in the digital currency space the charismatic cryptocurrency and the numerous thoughts that crop up in the minds of the onlookers often surround few obvious questions. That is why the exchange rate of Cryptocurrency so volatile; however, this also means there is huge opportunity to make money. Making Money from Bitcoin Trading It indeed is true that Bitcoin news also provides exclusive coverage to the Cryptocurrency mining machines called ASICs and their developers. Additionally, as cryptocurrencies have to be mined, in order to make the cryptocurrency exist in the Cryptocurrency market and for that some companies produce ASICs, the mining machines. Needless to say using the mining machines you can generate Cryptocurrency and sell them in exchange of the other currencies. Moreover, today, this financial technology has taken a shape that is bringing a lot of impact on the international transactions to great extent. Not just Bitcoin but Ripple, Ethereum, etc. too have emerged as a leading choice among users. Cryptocurrency News for Traders and Investors from Trusted Sources It is evident that there is always a demand for trusted and reliable cryptocurrency news portals like NewsBTC. Reading the updated Cryptocurrency news from around the world you get a grasp over the entire space and find out why Bitcoin exchange rate behave in a particular manner. Lastly, as has been mentioned above the ledger that facilitates the process is known as the blockchain is the technology behind Cryptocurrency can be an extremely great an investment that none should miss, you must try your luck. Portals like NewsBTC are here to guide you through and help you make a better investor and a Bitcoin trader.

Summary On Types of Stock Trading

The share market or the stock market is the only possible authorized way that allows you to double your amount of money in a few days or maybe more than that. Traders or investors usually practice three different ways while stocks. All the investors, as well as traders, must educate themselves in trad three different ways so that they can make wise decisions on what to analyze and how to analyze. Different types of trading have a different time to be invested in it. Based on the duration of holding stocks, it can be broadly classified into three categories. (1) Intraday (2) Short-Term (3) Medium (4) Long-Term Intraday Trading: Day trading or Intraday can be explained as the buying and selling of the financial instruments on the very same day before the market close of that day. The traders those trades in Intraday trading are called day traders or active traders in technical terms. Nevertheless, it said that this type of trad might harm the beginners. It is not suggested for novice traders. Short-Term Trading:

The buying and selling of financial instruments in more than one day and up to few weeks are called short-term trading. Some of the common examples of short-term are short-term trading. Traders are free to sell the stocks in more than one day. Medium Term Trading: The buying and selling of the financial instruments or holding period of the stocks from several weeks to months are called medium-term trading. Example is Elliot trading Long-Term Trading: The stocks are held from months to days is called the long-term trading. The decision of investment is made on the basis of fundamental analysis. Hypothetically, it sounds easy, but when traders practice, they make blunders. It is always advised to trade under the guidance of mentors. Money Classic Research is one of the Best nifty option tips provider that offers accurate advice on various types of trading. In general, advisory firms do not solve the problems of traders after taking money from the investors. However, in Money Classic Research they resolve all the issues of the investors and do not give a chance to traders to question on their services. The team of Technical analysts handles and solves all the complaints from their clients and provide accurate tips for mcx, intraday, and forex trading.

Learn How to Trade FX – All You Need is a Genuine Forex Provider

Forex trading has turned into an exceptionally famous market around the world, for the most part in light of its liquidity and 24 hour trading cycle. This has a tendency to wipe out those awful overnight “value crevices” which traders of the share market trading system dread. This is one of forex trading’s most appealing features. Having the capacity to trade outside of ordinary working hours is another. To bring home the benefit from FX trading, you require a solid trading platform that is simple and advantageous to utilize and offers the same tight spreads to vast and little players alike. You likewise need a system that offers the capacity to test your trading approach before submitting genuine money. This is where trading with land-fx pays off big time. The truth is that it is a genuine forex provider and you won’t have any problems whatsoever. Your preference need to be a system that you can use to place or close a trade essentially anyplace with an Internet connection. The variable that permits you to do this is your broker’s interface that permits you the choice of trading utilizing a Java based system. This is another method for saying you don’t need to download any exceptional software which must be utilized on your PC or tablet. The truth of currency trading is that for each one of the additional little features, a reliable trader gives downloadable free trading platform software, which gives you full included diagrams and other basic leadership devices with forex webinars to learn the tricks from. Another essential component you need is simplicity of building up an account which is the real truth of forex market. They promise you transparent accounts and that is what you get at a reliable company. You would like to have the capacity to join online and begin trading inside minutes utilizing your credit card to finance your account, particularly in the event that you have got a great trading opportunity and would prefer not to miss it. You additionally need a broker that makes withdrawing funds a simple procedure, especially in case you are just a beginner. It is normal among numerous forex market creators to solidify their spread prices when price hikes happen. A trader’s nightmare is getting frozen out and not able to leave when a sudden value move, either to support you or something else, happens. Another enormous thing is a forex trading platform which has a uniform commission or spread approach for all. Customers with small accounts need to have the same preferred standpoint as the experts, so you need a broker who gives the same tight spreads no matter how you look at it. Great brokers or market producers offer all the above features and advantages. This is the real fact of forex trading so; contributing your well deserved money with them can have all the effect to your forex trading knowledge. With the right broker as your mentor you can learn how to trade FX without having to learn the hard way or going through huge losses. You can get a hang of the market with ease.

What Are The Advantages of Foreign exchange Buying and selling?

The variety of aspirants seeking to take up foreign currency trading has seen appreciable traction lately. The identical will be stated for the variety of brokers who’ve emerged on the scene. Foreign exchange has emerged as one of many largest buying and selling markets on the planet and is among the most profitable too. It has gained prominence in a number of rising markets like Indonesia the place on-line buying and selling is right now actively practiced as a full-time enterprise exercise by hundreds of merchants. All of this begs to ask one query. Why is Foreign currency trading thought-about engaging? Accessibility: The foreign exchange market is the world’s largest market and is open 24 hours on 5 days per week. This makes it a extremely accessible business for merchants who can commerce in it across the clock and profit from it. Volatility: With each day commerce volumes averaging at round $5 trillion, it is among the most liquid markets across the globe with merchants starting from people to institutional traders. This makes it a extremely profitable business. Dimension: To maintain it easy, the market is big. With merchants that commerce in volumes starting from a number of hundred to ones that commerce in a number of billion , the business is huge in its scale and holds immense alternative and liquidity for this very motive. Equality: As a result of sheer measurement of the foreign currency trading market, it’s a steady and equal market. The market is simply too large for anybody participant to wrestle it into management or manipulate it. This makes it a extremely equal market within the globe. Leverage: Within the on-line buying and selling business, merchants are allowed to open leveraged positions thereby making it simpler to enlarge their earnings. By utilizing leverages merchants can open positions which might be a lot bigger than what to their buying and selling accounts can enable. Profitability: Within the international alternate market, merchants can generate income in each rising and falling markets. This makes it simple for them to make earnings when the markets are risky. The area of foreign currency trading, like in another platform or market, carries dangers together with alternatives. Nonetheless, merchants can mitigate the identical and stay persistently profitable by partnering with reputed on-line brokers in Indonesia like WesternFX.