Day: July 18, 2022

Quaint Cities to Visit in Vermont

Vermont may offer all four seasons, but it’s well known that the winters here could be quite chilly. Vermont is a perfect choice if you are hoping to take a ski trip or possibly a new area to call home. Let’s talk about some cute towns to visit in the Green Mountain State.


Vermont’s state capital is a beautiful town and offers plenty for visitors and residents. From what we have researched, Montpelier is best in the fall. The colonial buildings against the backdrop of fall foliage give you that warm, fuzzy feeling. It may sound like this town is located in a rural area, but Montpelier is a suburb that is home to about 8,000 residents. It is small, yet welcoming. Many of the folks that are gathered about the city during the day are employees of businesses in Montpelier. The daytime population grows to about 22,000 during the work day due to commuters.

Since the time of the Natives, Montpelier was a natural area to gather. The Winooski River runs along the southern edge of the town. Its fields were composed of rich soil for growing corn. Many tributaries connect to the Winooski River, making the area even more desirable for settlers.

Now Montpelier is home to bookstores, movie theaters, and music venues. There is a historic district that is home to over three dozen historical buildings and structures. The Barre City and Opera House was created in 1899 and currently houses the city offices. The Old Red Mill was created in 1898 and holds a water-powered grain grinding mechanism from that historical period. If you love history, you’ll have plenty of places to visit!


For those who are interested in visiting or living in a more urban area, Burlington is an excellent choice. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum from Montpelier, Burlington is the state’s most populous city. Known as a college town, Burlington is home to the University of Vermont and Champlain College. There is a shop-local vibe downtown with many boutiques and small businesses.

Lake Champlain is a huge draw for those who are looking to visit the area. The city sits on a hill so it overlooks the lake below. If you know a little bit about history, you know the significance of Lake Champlain and it is still significant to this day. Fishing, boating, and other water sports are part of the recreational draw of the area. There are several swimming holes and sandy beaches that are perfect for a summer day to cool down.

The affordability of the area is nestled at around 50k for the average salary and 250k for the average house. You’ll notice when researching Burlington homes for sale that the schools are top-notch. You can expect to have low crime rates in this area as well. These are just some of the factors that make Burlington a wonderful place to raise a family.


Another great city that gives you small-town vibes, Rutland sits south of both Montpelier and Burlington. It offers a comfortable cost of living. There is a low crime rate and decent schools. The average house sits at about 150k, which is a great price compared to the big cities in Vermont. Downtown is walkable and the residents live a healthy, relaxed lifestyle. If this sounds like you, you should check out Rutland.

Due to its natural landscapes, you can expect many outdoor recreational activities available. Two very popular skiing resorts are nearby, Killington and Pico. These areas are flooded with snow lovers each season. Rutland can be described as being in the woods one minute, then surrounded by a small town in another second. It gives you a happy balance between rural and urban living.

With all of these Vermont cities to consider, you’ll find a new place to call home in no time at all. We recommend checking out these lovely locations in person before you make your move. You can see what these towns have to offer before you settle on your final location.